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Are you aware of the true costs of providing staff refreshments?

Reduce your costs with an Office Coffee Machine from the Upton Group!

Average Refreshment Costs for an office with 30 staff...

Hourly Wage – £7.83
Time to make drink – 2 mins
Drinks per week – 450 (3 per day)
Mins spent making drinks – 900 (15 hours)
£7.83 x 15 = £117.45 per week (plus cost of coffee, tea etc)

Try the new Latte

The whole bean and nothing but!

We offer the best coffee in the city! Selvage brunch post-ironic, kickstarter small batch migas hammock etsy put a bird on it snackwave.


Never Underestimate the Importance of Being Properly Caffeinated.

- Old Proverb

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